Meet Tom "QUITPROOF" Jones


Tom Jones is a man on a mission and with a determination placing him in a specific class all to himself, QUITPROOF. A former Marine combat veteran, world champion Muay Thai boxer, world record-setting long-distance runner, and stand-up paddleboarder (SUP), Tom pushes himself daily to become a better athlete and to engage in activities that are relevant in Today's sporting trends. On any

given day, you can find Tom surfing, practicing martial arts, running, bicycling, stand-up paddleboarding, and now even hydro surfboarding. Before Tom started stand-up paddleboarding, he knew very little about it. He says he wasn’t a strong swimmer, so he got stronger and trained harder to become a better swimmer, “that’s what you do if you want it bad enough”. Tom got good, really good, and that helped him earn the prestigious title ‘The Most Interesting Man in SUP’, as quoted in Men’s Journal.

Tom's Next BIG Event

Tom ‘QUITPROOF’ Jones will again set a new world record coming up soon in 2021 between the months of July and early September. Tom will be the first-ever to set a HYDRO-FOIL long-distance World Record offshore. He is prepared to travel the distance from the Oregon/California border to the Mexico/California border which totals approximately 1250 miles at sea. Tom plans to travel a conservative average of 30 miles each day. This is a total time on the water up to 42 days. Tom’s hydro-foil event will include the use of SUP paddling, kite, and wave runner towing as methods of propulsion in order to reach hydro-foil speed.

Follow Tom on his website as he trains on and off the water each day in order to meet his world record challenge and commitment. Tom and Dan both live in Huntington Beach where you can see them training in and about the Huntington Harbor area. They welcome all who would like to visit and learn more about Tom’s world record-setting event on a hydro-foil SUP in 2021.





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