Tom Jones is a man on a mission and with a determination placing him in a specific class all to himself, QUITPROOF. A former Marine combat veteran, world champion Muay Thai boxer, world record-setting long-distance runner, and stand-up paddleboarder (SUP), Tom pushes
himself daily to become a better athlete and to engage in activities that are relevant in today’s sporting trends. On any given day, you can find Tom surfing, practicing martial arts, running, bicycling, stand-up paddleboarding, and now even hydro surfboarding. Before Tom started standup paddleboarding, he knew very little about it. He says he wasn’t a strong swimmer, so he got stronger and trained harder to become a better swimmer, “that’s what you do if you want it bad enough”. Tom got good, really good, and that helped him earn the prestigious title ‘The
Most Interesting Man in SUP’, as quoted in Men’s Journal.

Tom ‘QUITPROOF’ Jones’ past accomplishments include:

  • 7-Time Thai Kickboxing Champion With 2-World Titles And 3-U.S. Titles

  • Ran the Length of California Several Times at A Marathon Pace Each Day

  • Ran 121 Consecutive Paced Marathons In 121 Days Ending in The New York Marathon For His Final 121st Marathon

  • Stand-Up Paddled Around Smith Mountain Lake Virginia, 520 Miles In 16 Days

  • Stand-Up Paddled from Oregon To the Mexican Border, 1,250 Miles In 90 Days

  • Stand-Up Paddled from Key West, FL To New York City, NY, 1507 Miles In 92 Days

Tom Jones was once a sparring and training partner for Chuck Norris, eventually becoming his personal bodyguard; then he began his own martial arts studio, QUITPROOF. Tom likes to tell people the most influential piece of advice he’s ever received was from Chuck Norris which helped to shape his life into who he is today. Norris taught Tom that “the most successful people in life are the people who can help people”. This is what Tom does today, he helps people. Tom never let his past define who he was, he continues to define his own life by seizing every day through living a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Tom is a huge advocate for abused children as well as our ocean environment; he is passionate about setting records so that he can have those few important minutes to champion these causes that are so very important to him. He also has a personal drive to be the best while helping others to be their best selves too. At 58, Tom is still doing push-ups in his gym with a 200 lb. tire on his back to engage his younger athletes, it works too.


Toms mantra is Don’t Let Age Define You.  I think we all can agree that aging is an unstoppable competitor but Tom’s reply to this is, “I’m a tortoise, not a hare, I’m in this for the long race”. Tom, possibly the next Jack Lelanne, is a man on a mission when it comes to positive physical and mental health, both for himself and others. Shouldn’t we all be in it for the long race?

Dan West

Dan is a new partner at QUITPROOF.  Tom and Dan have known each other for over 20 years.  Dan recently retired from the Navy where he served in the Naval Special Warfare and Riverine Communities.  Although he has a passion for the country life, he is a USCG licensed mariner and a large yacht captain where he has piloted private yachts for over 25 years.  Post his retirement from the Navy, Dan began to train with Tom at the QUITPROOF gym.  This is where he learned about Tom’s upcoming 1250 mile hydro-foil event offshore.  Dan is beyond excited and will assist Tom in his new world-record-setting, long-distance, ultra-endurance event. 

Tom "QUITPROOF"Jones Resume