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Quitproof is not just a brand, it is a way of life of discipline and self mastery. We maintain specific goals and programs are designed to help you continue to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our constant quest is to help you get a little bit better each day than the day before. 


To be " Quitproof " you don't need to set ultra-endurance World Records, paddleboard for miles in the Ocean, or run multiple daily marathons. You just need to maintain a positive attitude and outlook with a goal to be a little bit better each day than you were the day before, that's a great start. Let us help show you the way !  We all may be getting a little older every day, although Tom says that should not define who you are, what you do, and how you live your life. We can all become and remain " Quitproof "! 


We have created a personal and unique brand in " Quitproof ", using a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle. We can assist, engauge, and enhance you personally, your company, products, services, and brands. Our goal is to represent you in the most positive light possible. We are confident that we make a positive impact using our " Quitproof " programs, high standards, and work ethic.