Quitproof Gym is an intimate training experience to improve yourself, physically and mentally.  One on one training with Coach Tom where you are the only person in the gym or group classes from small groups to larger groups.  


With state-of-the-art equipment including a full size boxing ring, 1,000square feet of MMA padded mat, Keiser Pneumatic "Air Resistant" machines, and speciality equipment such as The Krow and the HG2 Crosstrainer. 

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5555 McFadden Ave

Huntington Beach, CA 92649



5:30PM - 7:30PM - Group Class

7 DAYS a WEEK - By Appointment Only

5AM - 5PM



Tell us how Tom "QuitProof" Jones has changed your life.

Zach T

My kids and I have been training with Tom for over a year now. I brought them in to learn how to defend themselves. I am confident that both of them can handle themselves if they need to. I am especially thankful for Toms training of my daughter. I want to know that I can send her out in the world one day and not worry for her physical safety.
I also enjoy the physical fitness training, its fun and tough and has helped me shed some weight! My wife has recently joined us and now we have the whole family exercising together. It is a lot of fun.

Brodrick Williams

Whatever you need Tom has it, to teaching proper warmup and stretching. Along with guiding you through highly intense but also fun and learning workouts. Tom is will correct your form, stance, attitude as well, for the best results. He also teaches you how to get through the exercise and not teaching you not to give up, inevitably making you QUIT PROOF. This is great from your young kid, all the way to yourself.

Dan W

Tom, thank you so much for motivating me and helping to keep my body in motion. You are always so positive, you make workouts a great experience.


Jose and kaylee

My daughter Kaylee started with Tom in 2017. She loves tond the class so much. She looks forward to going in to train everyday. TOM IS AN AWASOME COACH. He has help her so much with her confidence and to push herself to her limits. Tom has taught her self-defense boxing and kick boxing.
We are so grateful to have meet Tom back in 2017 he has change my life my daughter life for the better. We can thinku enough. U are a great man

Dan I.

My son Kyle has been training with Tom over the past year and I’ve seen tremendous growth in his physical and mental strength. Tom’s positive motivational style builds confidence and helps Kyle focus on his goal of becoming a D-1 student athlete.


Tom, you are a wonderful mentor and role model for the boys. They have grown leaps and bounds in confidence, and in their training. Thank you for all you have done over the past three years. We think of you as part of our family.


Tom works with my son Brandon to further develop his strength as a youth athlete. Tom does a great job evaluating and putting together a program that will help Brandon reach his performance goals. My son likes how Tom can push him to his limit both mentally and physically while using positive reinforcement to build his confidence.
Thank you Tom for all your help and support in providing Brandon with the tools needed to become a responsible young adult!

Mauricio L.

My son Markus and I have been training with Tom for over a year now. He has taught us important techniques from self-defense, offensive tactics, mental and physical training, circuit training, and the importance of having a sound mind and body in order to remain focused, strong, and disciplined. Tom is the epitome of a highly trained professional athlete who also works hard to make a positive impact in the world. We are privileged to be training with him.

Theresa Ferber

My daughter started at the gym with Tom and will finish with Tom! Tom has helped my daughter Rae not only become Physically strong but Mentally as well! Her confidence and respect for others is through the roof! She is always ready and eager for her class! Great friends and vibes here! Thank you Tom for helping us with our beautiful daughter.. it takes a village and we are forever grateful❤️