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Full Body Workouts You Can Perform on the TriadXP App Anytime, Anywhere!


Voice Cues, Exercise Visuals and Virtually Hands-Free Tracking of Your Results

If you’ve been waiting for a world-class Ultra-Endurance Athlete and Martial Artist World Champion to help you get to that next level of a full-body workout, the time is NOW. Tom ‘QUITPROOF’ Jones is all of this and more. Tom has been training as a world-class athlete in ultra-endurance events his whole life and also has two world championships as a Muay Thai Boxer. He has set the bar as a professional trainer for individuals who desire to get back in shape and also for elite athletes who rely on being only in peak condition for their athletic careers. Select Tom ‘QUITPROOF’ Jones for a genre of full-body workouts from light to endurance training. He wants to take you on his mission, to get you moving and in the best shape of your life.

Don’t wait any longer, download Tom in the TriadXP App for your specific workout genre and get started being the best you can be; QUITPROOF.

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