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Village to Village Run

76 Marathons over 76 days!

Tom Jones is internationally recognized as one of the best Ultra Endurance athletes in the World. He has held multiple World titles in explosive sports, and has multiple World records in ultra endurance sports. 


From Tom: “I am working alongside the amazing and ambitious people at United We Pledge and Balance of Nature company to run across the country, from Alabama to Utah. I will be mentally and physically enduring running 75 consecutive marathons on foot to bring awareness to and raise funds for the United We Pledge non profit organization. We need your help with this important and worthwhile endeavor!  United We Pledge is committed to building an American Village in the West, fashioned after the American Village in the East.  Please give serious consideration to sponsoring and donating to this great American cause.  Thank you!” 


United We Pledge


American Village


Balance of Nature


April 19
American Village - Montevallo, AL
April 20
Brent, AL
April 21
Tuscaloosa, AL
April 22
Gordo, AL
April 23
AL/MS State Line
April 24
West Point, MS
April 25
Pheba-Maben, MS
April 26
Stewart, MS
April 27
Winona - Greenwood, MS
April 28
Itta Bena, MS
April 29
304-330 Dement Road
April 30
Swift Water, MS
May 1
1740 US 82 (Hamburg, MS)
May 2
County Rd 17 (Hamburg, MS)
May 3
Strong, MS
May 4
Eldorado, MS
May 5
Magnolia, AR
May 6
Buckner/Stamps, AR
May 7
Genoa, AR
May 8
Hooks, TX
May 9
De Kalb/Avry, TX
May 10
Bagwell, TX
May 11
Paris, TX
May 12
US 82 - Honey Grove, TX
May 13
Bells, TX
May 14
Sherman, TX
May 15
Lindsey, TX
May 16
Nocona, TX
May 17
Henrietta, TX
May 18
Wichita Falls, TX
May 19
Farm to Market (Electra, TX)
May 20
Vernon, TX
May 21
Quanah, TX
May 22
Childress, TX
May 23
Estelline, TX
May 24
Turkey, TX
May 25
Ranch Road 145 - Kress TX
May 26
Kress, TX
May 27
Hart, TX
May 28
Lazbuddie, TX
May 29
Texico, TX
May 30
St. Vrain, NM
May 31
Taiban, NM
June 1
Fort Sumber, NM
June 2
Santa Rosa, NM
June 3
W Santa Rosa, NM
June 4
W Santa Rosa, NM
June 5
Lake Estancia Historical Marker, NM
June 6
Zuzax, NM
June 7
Albuquerque, NM
June 8
Mesa Road/To'Hajiilee, NM
June 9
North Acomita Village, NM
June 10
S San Rafael, NM
June 11
El Morro, NM
June 12
W of Ramah, NM
June 13
NM/AZ State Line
June 14
Sanders, AZ
June 15
Petrified Forest, AZ
June 16
Holbrook, AZ
June 17
S of Holbrook, AZ
June 18
Camp Shadow Pines, AZ
June 19
Hunter Creek, AZ
June 20
Camp Geronimo, AZ
June 21
S of Happy Jack, AZ
June 22
Upper Lake Mary, AZ
June 23
N Flagstaff, AZ
June 24
N Flagstaff, AZ
June 25
Just S of Tuba City Turnoff
June 26
The Gap, AZ
June 27
Lechee, AZ
June 28
AZ/UT State Line
June 29
Paria Canyon Ranch, UT
June 30
Kanab, UT
July 1
W of Fredonia, AZ
July 2
N of Hilldale, AZ

Pain is only temporary
but Quitting lasts a lifetime

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