Tom " QUITPROOF " Jones is most likely the greatest athlete you've never heard of.  Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana has called Tom " Probably one of the greatest athlete's I've ever seen." Tom is an individual that always gives 100% in everything that he does. This guy is an ANIMAL and proves it each and every day.  Tom is a United States Marine veteran and a very unique athlete.  He is both an explosive, and an Ultra Endurance Athlete that puts him in a class all to himself.  He continues to challenge himself every day by continuing to set new world records. 


Tom had a troubled childhood, he was beaten, abused, and neglected in his formative years. At 12 years of age Tom was removed from his home, made a "ward of the court" and placed in a children's facility.  He describes that facility as being "full of pedifiles".  He felt alone with no security or positive role models or mentors. As a means for survival he spent much of his time training in Martial Arts. At the age of 17, Tom ran away from that facility and started a new life as a United States Marine. The Marine Corps was a positive experience for Tom as he was the " honor graduate " of his entire class. While in the Marine Corps Tom continued his Martial Arts training and competition, eventually Tom was " discovered " by Chuck Norris and later became Chuck's training partner and bodyguard. Chuck Norris was a positive influence and mentor in Tom's life over the 3 years that he worked directly with Mr. Norris.  He taught Tom that " the more people that you can help in your lifetime, the more successful you will be."  Tom continues to carry that mission forward in his life today. Hang Tough...Stay Strong...Remain Quitproof !  ​


  • 7-Time Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion including 2 World Titles, 4 North American titles, and several State titles

  • Only person to run a marathon in the morning and then compete in a 5 round sanctioned prize fight the same day

  • Back to back " Run, Bike, Stand Up Paddleboard " around the Hawaiian Island of Oahu in 17 days

  • Ran the entire length of California on foot at the pace of a marathon a day ( 26.2 miles ) each day.

  • Ran across North America 120 consecutive days at the pace of a marathon ( 26.2 miles ) each day. Running the New York marathon the next day.

  • In 2007, Tom set the original Stand Up Paddleboard long distance World Record, paddling 1250 miles in 90 days.

  • In 2010 Tom broke his long distance Paddleboarding record by paddling form Key West Florida to NYC in 93 days 

  • In 2009 Tom set the original " Flat Water " long distance World record on Smith Mountain Lake Virginia 520 miles in 16 days.

Tom is a man on a mission with a determination that places him in a class all to himself, he is Quitproof. He pushes himself daily to become a better person and athlete, engaging in a daily regimen in sports that are relevant in today's trends, Surfing, Martial Arts, Running, Cycling, Stand Up Paddleboarding, and now Hydro-Foiling.  

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Tom "QUITPROOF"Jones Resume


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