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Who Is Endurance Athlete Tom Jones? Age Wikipedia Family And Instagram

Tom Jones an Ultra Endurance Athlete, Fitness Coach and Kickboxing Champion. Age Wikipedia Family And Instagram.

Who Is Endurance Athlete Tom Jones?

Tom Jones, who holds two World Titles and dozens of outstanding accomplishments in his career is someone we should know about. Being an athlete Tom needs to be recognized for his legendary performances and achievements.

Tom's hometown is Huntington Beach California. He has mentioned that his father died of cancer and his mother was mentally handicapped before she died under Tom's care. He carries a height of 5-foot-7 and weighs 150-pounds.

His personal information is still concealed even though has mentioned his wife and kid, therefore his age is a quizzing matter since he is regarded as the oldest athlete to win over 7-time Muy Thai Kickboxing champion along with 2 world titles.

He has revealed that he was a victim of child abuse and he founded the Tom Jones Foundation with the Safe Surfin having anticipation to prevent childhood abuse and to strive for environmental causes.

His information regarding his social sites and other specific details regarding him are undiscoverable for now.

He has worked with athletes like Chuck Norris and Laird Hamilton. He is an overpowering athlete and a social activist who ran the length of California three times at a marathon pace to raise for children's causes.

An interview by Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine with him was posted a few months ago where we can know about him a little more detailly.

His athleticism and his purpose are truly admiring and encouraging to us all. He ran a sub-4-hour marathon and won sanctioned professional kickboxing match on the same day.

He ran 121 marathons in 121 days ending in the New York marathon for the cause of abused children. He accomplished a stand-up paddle around Smith Mountain Lake Virginia 520 miles in 16 days.

He has stand-up paddled from Oregon to the Mexican border, 1,250 miles in 90 days, and Key West, FL to New York City, NY, 1507 miles in 92 chronological days. He consecutively ran, biked and standup paddled the entire coast of Oahu.

According to few sources, Tom has revealed that he is attempting on establishing an additional brand-new World Endurance Record by riding a Hydrofoil SUP board from Oregon to the Mexican border which could be very challenging to him physically.

He also referred that he has established a brand based on his life motto ” Quitproof “(TM) and is producing a documentary on his life.

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