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HBPO 2: Tom Jones paddleboards for clean Ocean

The HB paddle-out of HB resident Tom Jones and crew, who are traversing the entire Coastline of California to bring awareness of the plastic crisis hurting our Ocean.

Overfishing, oil spills, urban runoff of refinery and auto emissions that fall to the ground, purposeful dumping of trash into the Ocean, the killing of the kelp by Sea Urchins -- what you can do is be aware of the crises.

One small, easy thing is to STOP our killing of Lobsters, the last predator that has a chance of keeping down the Sea Urchins. Only by reducing Urchins will kelp have a chance to return, that will help bring back fish.

Stop eating lobster, be aware of plastics and the role of big oil, and support advocates of a Clean Ocean.

San Onofre nuke plant has permits to kill 2 billion gallons of seawater per day, ingested into the foul plant, crushing and impinging sea creatures, boiling them, and then expelling them in a thermal "dead zone" through an outfall that is also used to flush out radioactve-contaminated rooms.

EACH power plant on the Coast does the same.

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